Kenyans Laugh At Aden Duale For What He Did When Uhuru Caught Him Ranting

Kenyans Laugh At Aden Duale For What He Did When Uhuru Caught Him Ranting

ADen Duale is the former majority leader in parliament, but jubilee fired him from his position for pledging allegiance to the deputy president.

Duale is the current member of parliament for Garissa town. He is a close ally to the deputy president and has been on the campaign trail with him.

Aden Duale was one of the strongest supporters and defenders of the Jubilee government, but things changed when he started opposing the president’s agenda.

He is now a sworn enemy of the president and they keep on criticizing the president and his decisions.

Politicians in Kenya lack the discipline and ideology to subscribe to and believe in a certain political party.

They join parties for convenience to help them win an election.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was in parliament buildings yesterday for the state of the nation’s address.

The address took about 2hours. The president took his time to tell Kenyans what he has done in the last 9 years compared to other presidents.

According to the president, he has done so much than the other three presidents combined. He has achieved his legacy.

Aden Duale and his allies in UDA don’t agree with the president and as usual criticized the president’s speech.

“Judge Daniel Musinga (Court of Appeal President) was at the gallery and the President basically attacked him.

The President cannot use the floor of Parliament to attack the Judiciary.

He kept on lamenting about BBI, BBI is null.

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We expected the President, on matters of national security, to speak on the extrajudicial killing and enforced disappearances, but he did not.

“He was right to outline his achievement, but the Constitution provides him with certain issues he needed to address. National Security, the national debt.

You cannot talk about Kenya’s GDP growing and the country being the sixth wealthiest in Africa when we are grappling with debt,” Duale ranted.

He did all that without knowing the president was coming by. He got a tongue tie and could utter nothing as the president moved closer.

The roaring politician went mute and started stammering. For a man who calls himself brave, it was a show of cowardice.

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