Jungle Justice: A Group Of Youth Recovers Money Owed To Them In A Bizarre Manner That Has Gone Viral

People have different ways to solve their differences in society but some of the methods used are not acceptable because they are unfair, unjustifiable, and unacceptable.
It is common knowledge that you don’t solve a mistake by making another mistake. If one has offended you, invoke the law or the community administration to iron out your differences instead of fighting which brings about losses.

It is normal to make a promise, to owe someone money, and to go broke but what happens after you have failed to keep your promises or pledges depends on the ability to communicate and have a better understanding. It is important to always be considerate in every decision we take because we want to be responsible for our actions for a better society.

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There is a video doing rounds online where a young man is seen on top of another shaving him by force for allegedly owing him his money for 7 months. The offender kept on begging to be given more time to look for money he owes them but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The frustrated man decided to stop asking for his money and took his revenge in a strange manner. He decided to shave the man’s dreadlocks but is that even justifiable? Am sure that is against the law no matter how aggrieved he might have felt.

Yes, he meted out his frustration to the young man but he may face a suit for assault and shaving him without his permission which may get them jail terms for the violence and humiliation the man suffered at the hands of these youths.

People have wildly condemned those men calling their actions barbaric and primitive. They went ahead and called on the authorities to move with speed and arrest the criminals while others praised the way they ensured justice prevailed after the man with dreadlocks frustrated them for 7 months taking them in circles instead of keeping his word and paying off his debt

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