Jubilee Wants To Deregister UDA Party, Ruto Responds

Jubilee Wants To Deregister UDA Party, Ruto Responds

UDA has replied to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s request that the political party be unregistered.

The Jubilee Party, led by Uhuru, accused UDA of stealing its data on Friday, February 4, following a national executive meeting.

The ruling party said that UDA was exploiting its data illegally to persuade Kenyans that it is the most popular party in the country.
In response to the allegations, UDA issued a press release in which it denied the allegations as unfounded.

They have chastised Jubilee for doubting the legitimacy of its party members.

The statement, signed by UDA Secretary General Veronica Maina, called out the Uhuru-led Jubilee.

She accuses them of exceeding its authority by attempting to examine membership data.

In response to Jubilee’s recommendations to have it unregistered, UDA will disclose all of its data to justify the figures.
“These are records that the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties has access to and is always willing to audit (ORPP).

The ORPP has previously conducted random audits of party membership in their capacity and as part of their due diligence.

Ann Nderitu has agreed continuously to audit UDA.

Why Joho Kids Are Going To Cheap Public Schools

In other news, Joho, the flamboyant governor of Mombasa, was exposed as a slacker father.

A relative confessed to Edgar Obare that the Governor has failed as a father.

Although portraying a wealthy lifestyle on social media, never provides for his Italian wife and children.

After he abandoned them, it reportedly compelled his wife to withdraw their children from a private school.

She went to enroll them in a low-cost public school where they currently go.

“The wife had to transfer the kids from a private school to a public school once.

This is because she couldn’t afford the private school’s school fees,” a relative told Edgar.


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