Johnson And Johnson Vaccine, Worrying News To Those That Got It

Johnson and Johnson Vaccine needs booster doses
Johnson Vaccination

Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine is an American vaccine whose efficacy they have rated at 66.7%.

The efficacy of the vaccine of 66.7% is not good enough.

More research has shown that it gives 100% protection against hospitalization and 93% against a serious disease.

The latest data shows South Africa has only vaccinated 11.9 million people.

Of the 11.9 million people, South Africa has fully vaccinated, only 5.6 million have, which represents 9.6%.

Vaccination is the only way to curb the coronavirus that has destroyed the economies of the world and killed millions.

First-world countries are heading vaccines and that has disadvantaged poorer countries in Africa and Asia.

China has already vaccinated 2 billion people followed by India who have done 600 million people.

Most South Africans went for Johnson and Johnson vaccine because it is a single jab, but that is about to change.

The company scientists and researchers have showed that the vaccine can only work for 6 months.

After 6 months, its potency goes down at an alarming rate. They have now recommended for another jab.

This will be a booster dose to increase its potency and efficacy against corona virus.

After a booster dose, its ability to prevent COVID-19 goes up to 77% which is still low.

That means that we still need to be vigilant and follow all the health guidelines in order to beat this virus.

In other news, the unvaccinated people against COVID-19 are in for a rude shock.

Before the vaccines being used in South Africa came, they informed us that nobody will be forcefully vaccinated.

Rumors circulated, and many said that they felt afraid to have their vaccinations.

It’s apparent that people who refuse vaccinations still exist …TO CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE

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