Jaymo Ule Msee Weds But Dennis Itumbi Steals The Show

Jaymo ule msee, whose true name is Wilson Muraini, is finally off the streets.

This is After marrying his longtime partner wakio Munene commonly known as Catey.

Surprisingly, Wakio Munene is the same person who plays his girlfriend in the Jaymo ule msee performance.

The two lovebirds married in a small wedding ceremony attended by only a few friends and family members.

One of the key people who attended the special celebration was Dennis Itumbi, who complimented him on his decision.

He stole the show with his choice of dressing with unforgiving Kenyans jumping on his case.

People were eager to mock his shoes, which appeared to be ancient and inappropriate for such an occasion.

“na itumbi amevaa viatu za wafarisayo”.


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Many content providers now have a platform thanks to social media.

The days when performers on television were the only prominent names are long gone.

Many entertainers are using social media to share content these days, and Jaymo Ule Msee is one among them.

He moved from having fewer than 50 views on Facebook to having thousands of followers watching his videos on YouTube.

This wasn’t going to be an easy ride for him, as he’d have to put in a lot of effort and, of course, consistency.


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The performer kept posting videos until he received his big break.

A break that has seen him work with major brands in Kenya and gain a large following throughout the continent.

Leading Kenyan media outlets have interviewed him. Jaymo is a character who delivers true stories in an entertaining way.

In one of his most popular movies, a gentleman invites a girl out on a date, only for her to show up with a slew of her girlfriends.

This is the case with many Kenyan ladies.

Wilson’s career in Comedy

The way the characters are shown and their behaviors are representative of what happens in real life.

As a result, Jaymo’s content is relatable, which is why his admirers appreciate him.

He began ‘Ujinga Saucer’ in 2015, when he and a friend would sit in the living room and evaluate issues from a ridiculous perspective.

In March 2015, he debuted the character “Jaymo ule Msee.”

Wilson is able to live a comfortable life because to his innovation, which has made him famous among Kenyans.

In a previous interview with Larry Madowo on NTV, he stated that humor pays if you keep it up.

Brands will notice your consistency and offer you discounts if you are consistent.

He went on to say that education is crucial even though most people pursue careers that are unrelated to their studies.

This is because it can serve as a good backup plan while also opening your mind to new possibilities.

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