Jalang’o: The Amount Of Money He Raised For His Lang’ata Campaigns

Jalang’o is looking to run for member of parliament for Lang’ata constituency. The comedian will run on an ODM ticket.

He will look to unseat the current member of parliament, Nixon Korir of UDA.

Political campaigns in Kenya are very expensive because of the culture of Kenyans.

Apart from the campaign merchandise and logistics, like vehicles, fuel and campaign posters, Kenyan love bribes.

Voter bribing is an electoral offence, but Kenyan politicians have no regard for the rule of law.

Kenyans have also contributed highly to that nauseating culture because they love politicians that give hand outs.

Very few Kenyans care about the policies and principles of a politician before voting. Many Kenyans look at the one with more money.

Euphoria and political waves, coupled with voter bribery and hooliganism, take many unfit leaders to parliament.

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The sad thing is that when they get to parliament, they don’t put in place laws and policies that better the lives of Kenyans.

It is with this background that Felix Odiwour, popularly known as Jalang’o, opted to fundraise for his campaigns.

This is because he needs millions to run a successful campaign in Langata.

His friends, celebrities and other politicians well attended his campaign drive. The witty comedian raised over 1o million shillings.

Celebrities present like Bahati donated 80 thousand Kenyan shillings, while Betty Kyalo and her man Nick Ndeda donated 200 thousand shillings.

10 million Kenyan shilling is a short in the arm for his gruelling campaigns in Langata. He will resign from his radio job at Kiss FM in February 2022.

Before facing Nixon Korir, he needs to brush off competition for an ODM ticket. He will have to beat Jakakimba and others before the main general elections.

Many Kenyans have pledged to support Jalango’s bid because of his generosity.

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