Jalang’o Blasts Omosh For Lying About His Financial Status

Various Kenyans have reacted to news that Omosh is broke yet again. The former Tahidi high actor was speaking to TV47 and admitted that life hasn’t been easy for him after Kenyans failed to help him as they promised.

Omosh intimated that they only sent less than a million shillings, money that is not enough to cater for his debts and pay his bills. This has angered many Kenyans who think that Omosh is being ungrateful to them after coming through for him when he had lost dignity as a man because he was not able even to buy food or pay rent.

Felix Odiwour popularly known as Jalang’o of Kiss 100 FM radio was one of the many celebrities that were on the forefront mobilizing resources to bail him out of poverty. The popular radio host has come out strongly to condemn Omosh’s blatant lies. Jalang’o through his social media pages has confirmed that Omosh did receive more than a million shillings contrary to what he is saying on TV.

The celebrated comedian and radio host wondered if Omosh will ever style up and learn to be responsible as a man. Just like Jalang’o, many Kenyans have come out to blast the actor for being lazy and insincere.

They advised him to put his act together and look for a job if acting is not working for him or even start a small business.
Here is Jalango’s post;

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