Jacob Zuma Last Bullet To Save Himself From Jail

Jacob Zuma Last Bullet
Jacob Zuma Looking stressed

Jacob Zuma Trial

Jacob Zuma is currently serving his 15 months jail term.

His conviction is a result of contempt of court during his reign as president.

He is facing corruption charges in an arms scandal that involves a French firm.

The 79-year-old has been deploying various tricks to evade justice but non is working.

His first tactic was to whip -up political emotions among his supporters.

Violence and demonstrations broke out in various parts of the country to agitate for his release.

The demonstrations did not work because they turned violent.

The rioters looted businesses and destroyed properties.

This worsened his situation as the court upheld its decision to detain him.

His trial has been suspended after he underwent surgery.

Zuma’s legal team has not revealed the health condition that prompted surgery.

The court proceedings will resume from September 9th after fully recovering.

Jacob Zuma Last Bullet

According to the latest report, Zuma’s team has filed another clinical report in court.

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The report is meant to convince the honorable court that he is not fit to stand trial.

His team of doctors feels that it might take more than a year to treat him.

The details of the report remain a mystery to the people of South Africa.

Political analysts and legal experts have weighed president Jacob Zuma’s options.

All have agreed that President Jacob Zuma’s health condition might be his last bullet.

This comes after it emerged that Jacob Zuma’s men have threatened to destroy ANC.

ANC’s current woes have allegedly been fuelled by Zuma

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