It Is Not His Fault: Karen Nyamu’s Ex-Husband Vindicates Samidoh By Saying This About Her

Samidoh was castigated by the Netizens for being a wife batterer. He gave Karen Nyamu dogs beating over cheating allegations even after they broke up months ago just because of jealousy and he is not over her.

Karen Nyamu sustained injuries to her pretty face and head during the altercation and has since been treated for soft tissue injuries secondary to physical assault following a domestic row.

The mother of two also lost her expensive phone because Samidoh smashed it into small pieces. Karen threatened to sue him for physical abuse and destruction of property but it looks like she will forgive him after he apologized by buying her a brand new expensive iPhone.

More often than not, in cases of domestic violence, men are the ones that are blamed and people don’t get to interrogate the whole story before judging.

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Samidoh had claimed that it was actually Karen Nyamu that got dramatic and attacked him with a knife when he went to ask her to pay his debt. Most Kenyans did not believe him because a has a history of battering his first wife Edith Nderitu.

Samidoh has however been vindicated from unlikely quarters. Karen Nyamu’s Ex-Husband and baby daddy has exonerated all the blame that was squarely on the Mugithi singer by confirming that Karen is a very toxic person to be in a relationship with.

DJ Saint is the father of Karen’s first daughter and they lived together as husband and wife before he decided to walk out because Karen Nyamu always picked fights with him and her insecurities were too much to persevere.

He resolved to quit the relationship because he feared one day he might retaliate and end up hurting her. He however said that she is a very good mother to her kids but cannot be anyone’s wife due to her attitude.

His statement exonerates Samidoh and people can now start interrogating every story before jumping to conclusions.

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