ISIS Reveals Why They Bombed Uganda And Fires Warning To East Africa

ISIS (The Islamic State) has finally claimed responsibility for the twin bombings that occurred in Uganda.

The bombings happened in the capital city and on another site yesterday.

According to NTV Uganda’s sources, the incident caused injuries to over 33 individuals in the horrific explosions.

The bombings claimed the lives of at least six people. The initial explosion occurred in Kampala near the parliament buildings.

This is according to NTV Uganda, which broke the news to the globe.

They stated they injured many people during the incident. A few minutes later, another explosion happened in an outdoor market.

It caused more casualties, killing dozens of people.

The Uganda Police Force confirmed this story, stating that they were actively searching for the suspects.

They also claimed that after getting a tip from a concerned citizen, they could apprehend a man who was plotting another attack.

The Islamic State has admitted responsibility for the blasts, according to the most recent reports on the subject.

According to ISIS claims, they did this to show that they still have influence over Ugandans and are active at the same time.

In response to the tragedy, President Museveni blamed it on a well-known priest.

According to Museveni’s reports, a well-known Muslim leader is to blame for allegedly encouraging these children to blow themselves up.

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