Is She HIV Positive? Facebook DCI Discover New Interesting Detail About Killer Cop Caroline Kangogo

Social media has been awash with news about a female police officer that has gone berserk, killing two men in a span of one week. Her name is Caroline Kangogo. Her name is in the lips of most Kenyans since her shocking story started hitting the headlines of almost all Kenyan newsrooms.

According to a statement released by the Director of Criminal Investigations’ (DCI) social media handles, the beautiful cop is on a revenge mission. She could not stand several heartbreaks she had endured from men before.

However, that is still speculation because she has not released a statement about the motive of murdering innocent men. John Ogweno, a police constable that was based in Nakuru was her first victim. She allegedly shot John in cold blood and made away with his loaded ceska pistol.

The DCI believes that she might have used the same weapon to send her next victim, one Peter Njiru to his maker. Peter Njiru, whom she killed in a room at Dedamax Hotel (located in Ruiru) was the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Superb Security Group Limited.

Details of her movements after the Ruiru murder were released by the DCI. Media houses reported that the rogue cop had been spotted in Kericho after which she went to Kisii.

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A photo of her hanging out with a Kisii doctor by the name Ben Arama but using the Facebook name ‘Daktari Nyash Monyenyi’ started circulating online amid fears that he could be her next victim.

On learning that he was trending on social media, the good doctor quickly released a statement clarifying that Caroline Kangogo is only his client and nothing more.

Facebook DCI then went through his profile and realized that he is a doctor that takes care of people living with HIV.

Because he said categorically that Caroline is his client, a question arises whether she is HIV positive and whether it is the reason she is out to revenge. What do you have to say about it? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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