Is Ruto The Newest “Mganga” In Town? His Latest Action Sparks Online Debate

‘Mganga’ is a Swahili word meaning a person who treats people. Kenyans, however, use it loosely to mean a witch.

Kenyans for a very longtime think that the elderly and people who respects and practices culture are a witch.

Raila Odinga is an example of a man who has suffered politically for embracing culture of different communities.

The way he says goodbye to the dead to lying down in a forest to drink from a pot is something his opponents capitalize on.

William Ruto, and his allies, was guilty of calling Raila ‘Mganga’.

Raila Odinga has, however, embraced that tag because to him, ‘Mganga’ is not a bad person but a healer.

Politics is about outdoing each other in terms of policies, finances, charisma and character.

You want to portray yourself as the best prospective candidate to take up that political position.

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William Ruto and his supporters were on the receiving end this time round after he was in Turkana dressed like a ‘mganga’.

Kenyans wonder if he is the latest ‘Mganga’ in town after he keeps trolling Raila for the same.

We know he was trying to embrace the culture of those people, but because he has been the one criticizing others, he faces the music this time round.

Ruto is facing a bruising battle from the veteran politician Raila Odinga.

The two men are in the race to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta, who will retire in August 2022.

William Ruto was hoping to get the support of president Uhuru Kenyatta, but it seems the president prefers his successor to be Raila Odinga.

Oka members have deserted Raila Odinga, and it is interesting to see what they are going to do in the next few months.

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