Initially it was Clout but Jacque Maribe Has Spoilt everything- Eric Omondi Cries Foul

Eric Omondi has come out to express his regrets over the recent scandal involving his son with Jacque Maribe. The former Churchill comedian was speaking during an interview with Radio Citizen’s Willy M Tuva.

During the interview, Eric admitted that his statement about impregnating Miss P was false. He was just spurring controversy to attract attention.

“I was just seeking for some attention because of an upcoming song that we released today. The song is about baby showers and we had to do a pregnancy photo shoot,” said Eric.

Miss P left Willy Paul’s Saldido International Records recently. Eric Omondi decided to sign her and work with her because she is talented. ‘Baby Shower’ is her first single under Eric Omondi’s management. The song also features the witty comedian.

When Eric posted the controversial clout photos about their fake pregnancy, Jacque Maribe took it seriously. She then exposed him for being a deadbeat father that has neglected their 7-year-old son.

‘I thought Jacque’s comment only helped stir some more controversy and help us push the song. Not until Kenyans started hurling insults at me. They were calling me all sorts of names. It was starting to work against my brand,” added Eric.


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When his partner brands started calling him to clear his name against Jacque’s claims, he had to release a statement. He however regrets mentioning Sam Ogina in the scandal. The 35-year-old was in a hurry to clear his name.

Eric Omondi blaming Jacque for everything

Eric is now blaming Jacque for dragging the innocent boy into the mess. A DNA test is a must now to put the matter to rest. But he has promised to take care of the boy whether he is the biological father or not.

From his narration, Jacque Maribe was not part of the clout chasing plan. She just came in unprovoked but she only opened a can of worms.

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