“I’m Dying Help Me!” Struggling COVID-19 Patient Pleads For Help As Doctors Ignore Her At Mbagathi

A struggling COVID-19 patient admitted at Mbagathi Hospital in Nairobi County has taken to social media to plead her case. Her name is Fiona Juma. From the look of things, she is not doing so well and she might die any minute due to low oxygen saturation.

The lady narrates in a viral post that she has gone for many days without oxygen which is said to be in limited supply at Mbagathi Hospital. As a result, her oxygen saturation levels have dropped to 52. The normal oxygen levels are supposed to be 95 and above.

Low oxygen saturation is what has been killing many COVID-19 patients and that is why Fiona fears that she might not make it.

“If this is my last post, then I want to thank God and everyone that has been there for me since I contracted this deadly virus,” writes Fiona Juma on Facebook.

The doctors and other health care givers have been forced to ignore her since they do not have oxygen to give her. The patient can barely walk or speak but the staff at Mbagathi has insisted that there is no oxygen completely.

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Oxygen is required in the body because it is the one that oxidizes food materials in all living cells to produce energy. That explains why Fiona can no longer walk, leave alone speak. She simply does not have the energy.

This is the sad state in most public health facilities as the country faces a spike in the COVID-19 cases. The government is overwhelmed. The private health facilities are charging an arm and a leg to treat COVID-19.

Some patients from poor backgrounds have stared at the jaws of death since they cannot afford to be even admitted in private hospitals.

It is advisable to go for COVID-19 vaccines since that will reduce one’s chances of being hospitalized in case they contract the virus. Check out a screenshot of Fiona’s sad Facebook post below;

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