“I Want Any Man So Long As He Is Breathing!” Lady Goes Viral After Making This Confession

 A video of a lady wailing for being lonely and dejected has gone viral following her confession that she is regretting her earlier decisions towards men.

According to the lady, she was a strong believer in women’s feminism and that has cost her the potential suitors that would have ended marrying her.

The fairly looking young lady feels that her time for marriage is up because all her mates are married and happy. The men she castigated and thought would cheat and frustrate them are faithful and supportive to their partners.

It is not yet clear if she was making fun of the so-called feminists but we all have different preferences and all the decisions we make have consequences that are either positive or negatively impacted our lives.

Some people believe in family, love, and marriage while others believe that life is easier and you feel happier when the only responsibility you have is to look after yourself not anyone else.

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It is important for men and women who desire to one day have a family to be realistic when setting qualities of a person you want to be with.

Very few people have ended up getting married to their ideal perfect partner. Keeping that in mind be flexible and open-minded when making those decisions because you will end up old, unmarried, and bitter with everyone and everything.

Don’t have high expectations, just be a good person and play your part to the best of your ability. It is good to demand good things for you in life but life doesn’t work like that.

You should always be able to reconsider, re-adjust and revise all your expectations in life. For those that don’t believe in marriage and love, enjoy the path you have chosen to follow in your life and don’t rub it in the faces of those who think otherwise because true happiness means having peace of mind in the spaces you find yourself in.

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