“I Switch Off My TV Every time He Appears”, Charity Ngilu’s Remarks About Ruto Angers UDA

Charity Ngilu has stated that she cannot stand Deputy President William Ruto’s “lies” masquerading as campaign promises.

” When I see Ruto on TV, I’m taken aback. I always turn it off,” Ngilu stated.

Ngilu spoke in Makueni county on Friday, November 12, during Raila Odinga’s Azimio la Umoja campaign.

Despite successfully vying for the presidency together, she chastised the deputy president for sabotaging Uhuru’s plans.

He’s aiming for the wheelbarrows rather than the laptops.

“Those who know English should explain the difference between a laptop and a wheelbarrow to him,” Ngilu said.

In the same breath, the governor chastised Ruto for supposedly overseeing Uhuru’s government’s corruption.

She cited the Thwake dam project as an example of how the DP and his henchmen allegedly inflated its cost for personal gain.

“The Thwake dam project was estimated to cost KSh 13 billion, but he fought to increase it to KSh 39 billion.

“That’s the money he walks around with in sacks every day,” she explained.

Charity Ngilu often chastises Ruto.

Ngilu has been relentless in her attacks on Ruto in recent months, accusing him of abandoning the president.

She chastised the vice president for focusing on sideshows and early campaigns rather than substantively deputizing his boss.

Charity Ngilu asked Ruto to show off his development record and what he has accomplished as the country’s second-in-command.

She added Ruto needs to match his priorities with those of his employer in order to prevent sabotaging the government’s agenda.

“If DP William Ruto cannot aid our country, let him first show us what he has accomplished in his nine years as DP”.

even if it is just one factory that he has found during that time.”

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Ruto must refocus and assist President Uhuru Kenyatta in fulfilling the promises they made to Kenyans.

“His participation in sideshows with his government lieutenants in 2022 only serves to disrupt government programs,” Ngilu remarked.

Charity Ngilu has been a supporter of Raila and Uhuru’s handshake.

Her counterparts, Alfred Mutua and Kivutha Kibwana of the hosting county, were present during the Azimio la Umoja summit in Makueni.


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