I Can’t Pick All The Calls: Sacked KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua’s Latest Touching Message

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has finally swallowed his pride and confirmed that he was indeed fired. Dr. Mutua earned the title ‘Moral Cop’ courtesy of his frequent attack on pieces of art produced by musicians, film makers, actors, and comedians.

ICT CS Joe Mucheru sacked Ezekiel Mutua on grounds of abuse of office. He is now being investigated for irregular payment of salaries and allowances according to a letter released to the media from CS Mucheru’s office.

Popular comedian Eric Omondi was the first public figure to express his joy following the news of Mutua’s sacking.

“I said that Ezekiel Mutua will lose his office before the month of September and you thought I was joking. You cannot bite the hand that feeds you and expect things to be okay,” wrote Eric in one of his social media posts.

Eric was referring to Mutua’s recent attack on Kenyan artists, actors, and comedians. The good doctor shamelessly made remarks about their financial situation. He said most of them are broke and that they have resorted to begging because they don’t make enough money to sustain their livelihoods.

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As one of the stakeholders of the creative industry, Dr. Mutua was out of order to make such a statement.

His friends and close relatives have not taken the news well and they have been consoling him through his social media handles and his personal line. That is why he has written an emotional message on his official Twitter account thanking all those that have stood with him during these tough moments.

Here is what he had to say;

“Dear friends & family, Thank you for your prayers and the words of encouragement. I can’t pick all the calls or respond to all the messages, but I deeply appreciate your prayers and goodwill. Mungu mbele!”

Here are some of the replies on the post where some Kenyans support him while others did not express any remorse;

Kevin Ety Etelija said, “He was appointed to advocate for clean content and as of today our moral culture is still being upheld, let’s not those who survive in immorality distruct us from whatever we believe in, maneno ya corruption tuachie polisi, if he was corrupt as alleged then hatutamtetea kwa iyo”

Andrew mwanyalo remarked, “Shida kiburi ndio ilikuwa mingi then calling watu maskini?  Humble yourself. Hii Dunia leo uko juu kesho chini.”

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