I am a Bodaboda Operator But I Married This Beautiful University Graduate (PHOTOS)

Who said that bodaboda operators cannot marry university graduates? The story of Lawrence Kareithi and his lovely wife Sarah is very inspiring. The young man narrated his story on Facebook recently and so many people were touched.

A beautiful girl was looking for a motorbike to rush her to a morning class because she was running late. She was a final year student at the University of Nairobi. She approached this handsome guy that did not waste any time.

“I’m a bodaboda operator and I was waiting for customers one fine morning in Nairobi’s CBD. A beautiful girl appeared and she looked like she needed a bodaboda. I did not waste time. I approached her with a smile and she agreed to board my motorbike as I took her to school,” narrated Lawrence on a popular Facebook group.

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While on the way to campus, a conversation ensued and they both seemed to enjoy it. On reaching the gate of the university, Lawrence tried his luck by asking for Sarah’s phone number. The lady did not disappoint.

After exchanging numbers, they started communicating occasionally, then frequently. One thing led to another and they found themselves holding a romantic church wedding in January 2017.

The two lovebirds have since been blessed with one son. According to Sarah, they became friends before they became lovers.

“It is our friendship that took us to another level; marriage. Since our first meeting, we can now say that we have our own love story that we continue to write. It is a story that is beautiful, a story that has unique love woven all through it. Some people say marriage is where the romance ends, but it really is the best thing in the world to be married to your best friend,” said Sarah in a past interview.

Have a look at some of their photos below;

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