How to Tell if Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp

how to tell who blocked you on WhatsApp

Blocked on Whatsapp?Today’s life revolves around social media.

People appear to be more comfortable interacting through their screens, be it cellphones, iPhones, or even laptops, than through face-to-face communication.

WhatsApp is one of the many apps that people use? This app has aided with socialization for a long time.

It has even assisted people in better organizing themselves, thanks to its capacity to build a group where people, coworkers, classmates, and others can meet and just discuss and prepare for the future.

It’s also helped many people from all around the world come together in the name of love.

However, these benefits come with some drawbacks, such as scams, cyberbullying, and even spats.

So we’re going to concentrate on that last one today. A spat is mostly a disagreement between individuals or groups of individuals.

And, what with covid-19 and all, some people prefer to settle these problems online.

But what if you can’t get in touch with the other individual to fix your problems? This is especially true for couples.

So you want to know if they’re ignoring you on purpose or if they’ve blocked you.
Don’t worry, I’m going to show you several hints that will assist you.

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1. In the chat window, you no longer see their last seen or online status.
The last seen and online options show you when this person last used WhatsApp and whether they are currently online.

However, just because they’re online doesn’t show they’ve read your message.

If you don’t see either, it’s possible they’ve block

However, it’s also possible that they’ve set their privacy settings to hide this information, or that you’ve set your privacy settings to keep your last seen private.

This means you won’t be able to see other people’s last seen.
2. Any calls you try to make will not connect.
Have you tried phoning them but your call isn’t going through? This is the basic code for the word ‘blocked.’

Even if they are offline, the call is in store, and they will receive a missed call when they return online.

3. Only one check-mark appears in any message you send, and the second check-mark will never display.
The first check mark indicates you sent the message while the second shows the recipient got the message.

So, if you send a text and it only shows one check-mark, and you haven’t seen the second check mark after days, and all the above indicators are present, you got a block.

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