How to File Tax Returns online using the KRA iTax Portal

Many Kenyans always want the convenience of having to file tax returns online without downloading anything. Teachers, for instance, have a habit of flocking to cyber cafés to have the process done for them.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has simplified things nowadays. It is now possible to do everything conveniently on the KRA iTax portal and only downloading the acknowledgement receipt thereafter. This article is for those that wish to file returns for employment income only.

To file tax returns online, follow the following steps:
  1. Visit the KRA iTax portal using the address

2. Enter your KRA PIN in the homepage dialogue box, then click continue.

3. The system will take you to a new page with extra dialogue boxes. Here, you key in your password and security stamp. A security stamp is a simple arithmetic exercise that you do and enter your answer to prove that you are human and not a robot.

4. Click the login button. Now you are logged into the KRA portal.

Returns button

5. Click on the Returns button. You will have access to a drop-down menu for the various types of returns you can file.

6. If you wish to file employment income only, click ITR for Employment Income Only.

7. In the new dialogue box that appears, select the period in which you wish to declare your returns. Usually 1st January to 31st December of the previous year.

On whether you have employment income, select “yes” and click next.

8. The system takes you to the next page, where you are supposed to answer some questions. In the taxpayer information section, the system automatically populates it for you. In the return information section, select answers to the questions accordingly, then click next.

Employment details

9. Enter the details of your employment income on the next page, including your employer PIN and gross salary. The employer PIN for Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is P051098084N. The employer PIN can be copied directly from your KRA P9 form that your employer generates for you.

10. Fill all the sections accordingly using your P9 form. The important details include your taxable income, tax payable, deductions (e.g., pension), reliefs, and tax credits (PAYE auto).

11. Confirm that Tax due/ (refund due) is very small (0 or less than 0). A huge tax due or refund due is an indication that you have not filled out all sections well.

12. After filing your returns, click the submit button. Now download the acknowledgement receipt.


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