How Rich Inmates In Kamiti Prison Eat Nyama Choma Daily As Others Sell Their Bodies for Food

How Rich Inmates In Kamiti Prison Eat Nyama Choma Daily As Others Sell Their Bodies for Food

Inmates at Kamiti maximum prison receive different treatment depending on their social and financial standing.

The capture of three terrorist suspects who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison has revealed a slew of illegal activities.

These activities have been going on behind these walls, ranging from inmates selling their bodies for food to prisoners.

They constantly provide them with phones to communicate with the outside world to inmates from wealthy families.

These inmates live lavish lives by eating meals prepared for them, as opposed to other inmates who eat food from prison.

According to a former jail warden, prison is a paradise for those with deep pockets and the ability to pay prison authorities.

He revealed that the life you live in Kamiti depends on your family’s connections.

” They control Kamiti Maximum Prison, like the rest of the world, by money.

There are a few inmates that have more money than some of the prison wardens.

A family once offered me ksh. 1 million to watch after their youngster, but I refused.

I thought I was doing the right thing, and my employer almost fired me.

Inmates eat pricey dishes such as Ugali, Nyama Choma, and many others. All thanks to the generosity of their family “, he explained.

Wafula, a local shop owner in his town, reports that some families frequently pay elderly to receive phones and other services.

Finally, he claims that this has been going on for a long time and will not stop soon.

I published a few days ago about destitute inmates who sell their bodies for food, so if you want to read it, check through my prior articles and you’ll find it.


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