How Philomena Njeri Was Lured Into Her Untimely Death by a Close Friend

30-year-old Philomena Njeri was shot dead by her husband Jonathan Mukundi in their palatial home in Kiambu Town. Mukundi then turned the gun and shot himself in the head hence committing suicide.

The investigating officers were not able to immediately establish the motive behind the incident but more details are slowly coming out. The couple has been having a troubled love life.

Despite living together for a period of about ten years, they have not been blessed with a child. The issue led to an unending conflict that saw Njeri leave their matrimonial home in March this year.

Apparently, Jonathan had a first wife with two kids. They all live in the United States of America. That is why he was not ready to sire more children with Njeri. He was okay with being childless with her young wife.

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The car spares dealer at Mlolongo was not comfortable with that arrangement with her man. That is why she had to leave their matrimonial home, something that left Mukundi stressed to the bone.

When he realized that his beautiful wife was not coming back, he used Njeri’s close friend who lied to her that her husband had been involved in an accident. It was a trap.

She came back to her matrimonial home but there was a problem; she was pregnant. She was not able to explain how she became pregnant since she had not been with Jonathan for more than five months.

Who was the man that made Njeri pregnant? The salvage vehicles dealer could not live to see his wife pregnant with another man’s child. He took out his licensed firearm, a Glock Mini of serial number BEZA475 and shot Njeri in the head. He then committed suicide immediately.

Maybe the close friend did not know that things would escalate the way they did. Now they are both dead and they have left behind assets worth millions.

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