How Irene Mbithe Was Mauled To Near Death by a Hyena; She Was Thrown in The Wild by a Truck Driver

23-year-old Irene Mbithe was mauled by a hungry hyena in the Tsavo. This is after a heartless long-distance driver threw her out of a truck.

The sad story of Irene Mbithe starts on 20th August 2021 when she went for a house help job in Mombasa. It was not one of her luckiest days. Her employer turned her away for not having a national ID card.

And that is a weakness of many young Kenyan women. Depending on one’s level of education, identification documents is the least of their worries.

The sad bit is that the employer did not provide fare for Irene. This left the poor lady stranded in Mombasa. She had not carried any extra money.

A stranger advised her to request for a lift from random truck drivers, which she did. She got a lift from one driver plying the Mombasa-Nairobi highway. This was late, and the night had come.

The truck driver started making fishy advances towards her. Irene could not take the nonsense. On seeing that she would not give in, he threw her out along the Tsavo National Park stretch.


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She had to sit at the edge of the road, stranded. Then a hungry hyena appeared out of nowhere and jumped on her. It injured her badly, pulling flesh from her stomach and her left hand.

As she was screaming and fighting for her life, a Good Samaritan spotted the gory scene. The guy drove quick to the nearest town and informed the police and KWS officers.

The rescuers came as fast as they could. The wild animal had now dragged Irene Mbithe to the other side of the bush. They followed the blood trail, and they finally found her badly mauled. It took a gunshot in the air for the hyena to run away.

Everyone thought she was already dead except the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan insisted they take her to the nearest health facility. She survived the attack albeit without her left eye and arm.

Irene is the firstborn of five siblings. But her single mum cannot take care of them properly because of abject poverty.

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