How Dr. James Muriithi Killed His Kids With Insulin After Wife Landed Lucrative Job Abroad

Police have disclosed why James Muriithi Gakara, an obstetrician at Nakuru’s Optimum Current Hospital, murdered his two daughters on Saturday. The two girls were five and three years old, respectively. After doing the heinous act, he attempted suicide.

According to the story that has now gone viral, the suspect had a heated argument with his wife. His wife was intending to move to another country to look for the proverbial greener pastures.

Dr. James Muriithi was against the idea of the mother of his kids going outside the country. That is why he appealed to her to reconsider her decision. According to him, there was nothing more she needed to look for since he provided everything she needed.

Despite spirited appeals to her to stay in Kenya, the lady was determined to leave. The mentally unstable doctor did the unthinkable. He murdered his daughters as a way of passing a message to his estranged wife.

The event horrified neighbors of the wealthy Milimani Flats, who watched in horror as police officials, took the remains of the two children to the mortuary.

He attempted suicide

The police officers also discovered that their father was lying unconscious in his bed. Despite being in critical condition, he was still alive. They airlifted him to Nakuru Level Five Hospital, where health care providers admitted him. He is now in stable condition.

A neighbor who heard the two lovers arguing reported the event, prompting them to call the police.

At the horrible site of the murder, the police investigators discovered various medications, used syringes, and a sharp kitchen knife. This showed that someone had injected the two angels with a lethal chemical prior to their deaths.

What a brutal way to end his children’s lives! Too bad for him he survived the episode. When he comes to his senses, he is going to regret his actions. He has already done a lot of damage.

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