Hot Kanairo Lady Exposed For Conning Kenyans Using MC Jessy’s Name

Kenyans are facing tough economic times partly due to the ongoing pandemic and to some extent the inability of the government to grow the economy such that Kenyans can secure decent jobs in government and the private sector.

Instead of alleviating the economic pain, Kenyans are going through, the government has introduced tougher tax measures which means prices of essential commodities have shot up, businesses have gone under and others have lost their jobs and sources of their livelihood.

We have seen how mugging cases have increased in the streets of Nairobi. Kenyans no longer fear the risk of losing their lives while trying to look for means to feed. This is occasioned by a lack of money circulation.

The rampant corruption in government by civil servants and other officers has plundered the limited resources created by the government doubled by the skyrocketing foreign debt. The Kenyan government is on its knees economically but that should not be used as an excuse by anybody to steal or con anyone.

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Celebrities have been victims of cybercrimes over the years and these people have always got away with those heinous acts of impunity by hiding behind the keyboard of their computers.

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino was a victim when a parody account was verified by Twitter and he cannot do anything. People have been conned in the name of comedian Jalang’o through fake social media accounts.

Churchill show comedian and radio personality MC Jessy is the latest victim after a lady by the name Edith Wairimu  who was operating a Facebook account impersonating him and she has been collecting money pretending that she will offer entertainment services but ends up conning them.

Many Kenyans have confessed to how the beautiful lady has conned them after they paid her thousands of shillings thinking that she was MC Jessy.
It is not yet clear if Jessy will take legal action against her for impersonation and character assassination but beware Edith Wairimu is a con.

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