Heartless? Jemutai Reveals Two Unforgivable Things Prof Hamo Did To Her After She Gave Birth

Nobody could have suspected that former Churchill Show comedians Herman Kago alias Professor Hamo and Stella Bunei Koitie, popularly known by her stage Jemutai were an item. The two lovebirds managed to keep their relationship private even from their fellow comedians at the popular comedy show.

But the recent turn of events have seen them wash their dirty linen in public. It started by Jemutai accusing Hamo of neglecting their two boys. According to the witty comedienne, Hamo was never there for their children despite them being very young and needing him both emotionally and financially.

The exposé made the 41-year-old comedian and businessman apologize publicly and they seem to have buried the hatchet. They have since started a series on YouTube titled ‘Raw & Candid with Jemutai and Hamo’.

In the series that is airing on Jemutai’s channel ‘Jemutai chibambe world’, the two narrate every detail of their life together starting from the moment they met. They seem to be brutally honest with one another and none of the two is mincing their words.

However, there are two things that Jemutai revealed during their most recent episode that made Hamo somehow uncomfortable. When Hamo realized that Jemutai was pregnant, he made it clear that he will not be a present father in the child’s life since he already had a wife and kids. The lass was okay with it and she decided to move on with her life.

When the child was born, it reached a point where she needed some assistance because she had to undergo caesarian section.

“The operation took a toll on me and the bill was high. I needed an extra KES 3000 to sort out the bill. When I texted you the father of the child to help clear the bill, you never even bothered to reply,” Jemutai told Hamo.

The second incident happened after Jemutai was back to Churchill Show just two months after giving birth. At one point she was unwell and requested Hamo to drop her at her place since he has a car. Her breasts were hurting and she needed to breastfeed their baby as soon as possible. Hamo refused to heed to her request and dismissed her with contempt.

With those two accusations, Hamo was not able to defend himself. Watch the full video from Jemutai’s YouTube channel below;

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