Hawk Eyed Kenyans Notice Something Strange After Genge Tone‘s Ethic Is Involved In An Accident

When Genge tone was discovered here in Kenya, people dismissed it as short-time feel-good clubbing music that won’t last even a year because the content is wanting. It was all about praising women’s backside and intercourse. The vulgar language the Genge tone artists were using was sickening and one wondered if Kenyans above 18years will ever embrace such kind of music.

A few years later, Gengetone is still ruling our showbiz industry and most Kenyans are embracing it big time. This is a unique kind of music that is associated with Kenyans. Even if the message passed by this kind of music is negative, at least Kenyans have something they can identify with just kind Tanzanians are known for their Bongo music that is all about love and relationships.

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Ethic is Genge tone group that drops Genge hits that Kenyans love to bits. They are some of the founders of Genge tone. The young men are now household names and they are well known across the country and East Africa.

They were recently involved in a freaky and horrific road traffic accident. Their Subaru overturned and rammed into a ditch in a case that looked like over speeding and being high on either drugs or alcohol. Kenyans were quick to note that reckless who is a member of the group was laughing and looked high after they were pulled from a ditch and thank God none of them got serious injuries.

This is worrying if for real the group were drunk and driving because of the danger they put their young lives and careers in. Kenyans have cautioned them to stop taking drugs because it is going to ruin their thriving careers that are currently shinning the brightest.
Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans;

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