Government to Lower Retirement Age for Teachers

The government of Kenya is finally set to lower the mandatory retirement age for teachers and other civil servants. The new proposal will finally come to fruition after the parliamentary labour committee decided to push for it.

The parliamentary labour committee is pushing for the Public Service (Amendment) Bill 2023. The bill was initially moved by the Embakasi Central Member of Parliament, Benjamin Gathiru. Hon Gathiru argues that a lower retirement age will give opportunities for younger people to also serve their nation.

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New proposed retirement age

The new proposed retirement age for teachers and other civil servants is now 55 years. This used to be the retirement age for all government employees before the state revised it to 60 years in 2009. The government increased the retirement age because of the pension crisis. People abled differently have an extended retirement age of 65 years.

So many employees were going on retirement but the government found it extremely difficult to process their retirement benefits in good time. That is why the labour ministry found it wise to revise the retirement age as the government put their house in order.

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Support for the Public Service (Amendment) Bill 2023

Some members of parliament are already supporting the Public Service (Ammendment) Bill 2023. The Kangundo Member of Parliament, Hon. Fabian Muli stressed recently that the retirement age has to be lowered in the interest of the youth of this country.

“If indeed we have any interest for the youth, then we should make that clear by lowering the compulsory retirement age to 55 years,” said Hon. Fabian Muli recently while addressing some journalists.

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Public Service Commission Act 2017

The Public Service Commission Act 2017 Section 80 (1) (a) and (b) clearly postulates that any government employee that attains the mandatory retirement age shall vacate their post immediately. In the past, the state would allow some people to work for an extra period of time. Some principals of schools used the opportunity to work for an extra two or three years after retirement.

Currently, that is not possible. According to the new proposal that is set to be passed in parliament, only people that are abled differently will retire at 60 years of age.


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