Government Pathologist Reveals What Mukundi Did To Njeri before Killing Her in Cold Blood

Kiambu based businessman Jonathan Mukundi hit the headlines recently after killing his wife Philomena Njeri by shooting her four times. He then turned the gun to himself and committed suicide as per the narrative of the people close to them.

The couple had allegedly been having problems for the past five years and the bone of contention had been their childless union. Mukundi married Njeri when she was only 19 years old.

Sources say that he had a first wife, a Belgian woman with whom they were blessed with two children. It is when they separated for some undisclosed reasons that he married Philomena Njeri.

Things had been smooth and they enjoyed life with a big spoon. They used to visit exotic places locally and internationally. Njeri never shied off from sharing her lavish lifestyle on social media.

The two lovebirds had the means as their car spare parts business was doing very well. Mukundi usually bought salvage vehicles from insurance companies and dismantled the spare parts. Njeri would then sell the spare parts in their shop located in Mlolongo.

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The rain must have started beating them when Njeri demanded that it was time they brought a child to the world, something that Mukundi could hear none of. When they hit a deadlock, Njeri left their matrimonial home leaving her spouse battling the cold alone.

Fast forward to the fateful day, the government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor has revealed an interesting detail of what transpired before Mukundi killed Njeri. Apparently, the two made love before things went south.

This is because some traces of male semen were discovered in Njeri’s private parts. Mukundi made love to his wife before shooting her two times in the head and twice in other parts of her body.

The narrative by neighbors and close friends seems like a perfect one. Some had said that Njeri was pregnant but the autopsy report revealed that the lady was not pregnant. Which begs the question, is there more than meets the eye?

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