Good News To All Job Seekers In Kenya This Morning

Good News To All Job Seekers In Kenya This Morning

Job seekers in Kenya may finally breathe a sigh of relief after the National Assembly took an important step.

They enacted a measure prohibiting all candidates from being required to produce clearance certificates when applying for jobs.

In a statement released by MP Gideon Keter, the motion’s sponsor, stated that they passed the law without opposition.

In the new bill, only successful candidates will do background checks on themselves.

“Earlier today, after the debate closed, mps overwhelmingly supported the Employment Amendment Bill with no reservations.”

Before the bill, job seekers were to provide clearance certificates from various departments before a job interview.


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“However, a cure has now arrived as this amendment does not compel job seekers to get all that clearance before getting a job.

“No employer will ask job seekers for such documentation until or unless an offers employment to the candidate”.

He also criticised the stigmatization of graduates by imposing the burden of obtaining clearance certificates on them.

Previously, job applicants had to pay up to Ksh6,000 for clearance certificates, which was a time-consuming and inconvenient process.

The certificates include a DCI certificate of good conduct, an Ethics and Corruption Commission (EACC) certificate.

Others include, KRA certificate, a Higher Loans Board (HELB) certificate, and a Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) clearance.

Applicants must pay Ksh1,050 for the good conduct certificate, and there is also a cost for the CRB.

According to a study conducted by the Parliamentary Budget Officer, the government earns Ksh750 million from job seekers each year.

Sadly though, none of the monies end up in the youth kitty to empower them.

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