Good News for Teachers and Civil Servants after SRC Proposes This

Good news for teachers and civil servants after SRC’s new proposal: The Salaries and Remuneration Commission of Kenya (SRC) has opposed the suggestion by the parliamentary labour committee to lower the mandatory retirement age.

Public Service (Amendment) Bill 2023

The parliamentary labour committee is pushing for the Public Service (Amendment) Bill 2023. Benjamin Gathiru, a member of parliament for Embakasi Central, was the one who first proposed the bill. Hon. Gathiru argues that a lower retirement age will give opportunities for younger people to also serve their nation.

However, SRC chairperson Lyn Mengich has opposed the idea of reducing the mandatory retirement age for teachers and civil servants. Mrs. Lyn Mengich argues that doing so will strain the country’s pension system. Besides that, the government will lose a valuable and experienced workforce if the state forces people to retire at 55 years of age.

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Hon. Benjamin Gathiru proposed that the retirement age for teachers and other civil servants be 55 years. This used to be the retirement age for all government employees before the state revised it to 60 years in 2009.

Why the government raised the retirement age in 2009

The government, in its wisdom, increased the retirement age because of the pension crisis. People abled differently have an extended retirement age of 65 years. While speaking during an interview at a local radio station, Mrs. Mengich said that people are still very productive at 55 years old. Therefore, there is no need to lower the retirement age from 60. This is good news to teachers and civil servants who are approaching that age bracket.

If the members of parliament pass the proposal, it means that the government will have a huge pension bill to sort out, and that is not sustainable. 55-60-year-old people are still very active and they can serve the nation very well with their experience.

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Petitioner opposes retirement age

The response from the SRC Chairperson comes after a petitioner named Charles Chege went to court in February 2024 to get rid of the rule that workers in both the public and private sectors have to retire at a certain age.

Chege argues that the current retirement age limits of 60 for regular workers and 65 for disabled people are not fair.

This is because it limits some workers without taking into account their skills and abilities to keep working. Do you think this will be good news for teachers or will it be a burden?


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