Girl With 401 Marks Kicked Out Of County Scholarship Program Due To Tribe; Forced To Repeat Class 8

Diana Nyokabi’s dream to join Moi Girls High School, Eldoret was quashed after her mother Priscilla Nyanchera decided to take her back to repeat Class 8 despite scoring 401 marks.

She was enrolled back to her former school Bungoma D.E.B Primary School. Even her teachers were heartbroken by the move.

Bungoma County Governor Wycliffe Wangamati has a very noble scholarship program that supports bright but needy learners from his county.

Diana was one of the lucky ones that had landed an opportunity this year, only for her name to be kicked out at the last minute. This is according to a story that was aired on Citizen TV.

The reason for removing her name from the list of beneficiaries of the scholarship program is still unclear. But being Kenya, it should be obvious. She is a Kisii by tribe but living in a county that is dominated by the Luhya community.

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Someone in the panel must have thought that she had the wrong name. Her mother is a grocery vendor which means she could not afford to pay the KES 54000 required for her daughter to be admitted at Moi Girls Eldoret which is the school that selected her.

“My dream is to become a lawyer and help my mother. But since money is a problem, I will repeat until I get a well-wisher that can pay for my school fees,” Diana told a Citizen TV journalist.

The head teacher of Bungoma D.E.B Primary School was disappointed but he had no option but to admit the girl back. He thinks that other learners will be demoralized to see their colleague that performed so well being forced to repeat due to lack of money.

Diana’s mother however appeals to any well-wisher to come to her daughter’s rescue. Form One students are set to report to the schools where they were selected as from 2nd August 2021.

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