Gathoni Wamuchomba Reveals How Kibicho Outsmarted Them Almost Giving Ruto A Heart Attack

Gathoni Wamuchomba, Ruto’s close buddy and Kiambu women’s representative, has spoken out about what their team.

She spoke about they had planed of the Mashujaa day celebrations at Wang’uru stadium in Kirinyaga county.

The flamboyant legislator has come out to claim that their team has devised a plan to transport hustlers who support William Ruto.

They wanted them to be in Wang’uru, the stadium so that they can enjoy the occasion as well.

However, the deep state foiled their plans when Karanja Kibicho, the interior security PS, stated that they would permit only invited locals.

The main reason, according to Kibicho, was to stop COVID -19 from spreading.

“We had also prepared as leaders to transport Ruto supporters to the Mashujaa Day celebrations.

Our buses, however, could not get past Thika since the State required that only the invited guests in the stadium.

They also excluded some of us who support Ruto from the festivities, “Wamuchomba hinted.

Kibicho made sure that anyone attending the Mashujaa Celebrations had to show a special invitation card at the gate.

The chiefs of the area were to choose the guests.

Gathoni Wamuchomba Explains The Role The Chiefs Played

Wamuchomba explains they had issued instructions to chiefs to give invitation cards to supporters of the handshake only.

When the invitees were given the opportunity to speak, they were told to cheer Raila Odinga while mocking William Ruto.

After the ceremony, each person was to pocket at least Ksh 5,000 in cash.

According to Wamuchomba, this was a calculated move to show that Raila had penetrated the Mt Kenya region.

Gathoni claims that the thundering reception left the deep state stunned.

She praised the people of Kirinyaga and the entire Mt Kenya region for publicly expressing their affection for Ruto.

says that the Mount Kenya region is firmly supporting William Ruto.


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