From Selling Socks In The Streets Of Nairobi To Making Millions Abroad! Leah Mburu’s Story

It is about fifteen years ago when Leah Mugure Mburu sold socks in the streets of Nairobi to earn a living. As we speak today, she is running a successful business in Germany and living the life she dreamt of as a girl growing up in a village in Kuria.

All this magic happened through a Good Samaritan, a Luo man called Brian. Brian had just arrived to Kenya from studying law in India.

He was with his friend going about their errands in the city and they bumped into Leah and her friend Mary hawking socks. He gossiped about the ladies with his friend in Dholuo. The good thing is that Leah understood everything.

“There is no way such a beautiful lady can just sell socks in the streets. This I refuse,” said Brian.

To which Leah quipped in Dholuo by saying, “I have heard what you said.”

The guy was surprised that Leah could speak fluent Dholuo and an amazing conversation ensued. He asked the good lady why she was selling socks in the streets. She told him it was because she did not have any other job and that she had to survive.

He linked Leah to an exchange program called Au Pair and helped her navigate through the whole process of moving to Germany and even chipped in financially without demanding anything in return.

In the Au Pair program, one is linked to a family in Germany where they are expected to take care of children. But such people are allowed to learn the German language, go for further studies and get employed or start their own businesses.

Fast forward to today, Leah is more than blessed and is earnestly looking for Brian so that she can invite him to Germany. She wants him to witness the marvelous work God has done in her life. She owns a lucrative business, Jambo African Dishes.

Have a look at the video below which she posted on her YouTube channel.

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