Former Tahidi High Actor Omosh Begs For Help Again After This Happened To Him

Former Tahidi High actor Peter Kamau Kinuthia popularly known as Omosh has revealed that he has gone back to begging after Kenyans failed to honor what they pledged to him. Omosh was seen wailing live on TV sometime back as he begged to be bailed out by Kenyans because he had gone for months without a job and he was about to be thrown out by his landlord for failing to pay rent of many months.

Many Kenyans offered to help him get back to his feet but as soon as the dust settled, omosh realized that the help he got was just a drop in the ocean. Talking in an interview at TV47, Omosh revealed that he only received less than a million shillings from well-wishers and that was barely enough to cater for his debts that he had accrued from various creditors and friends.

Omosh admitted that he is still struggling to give up the bottle by attending fellowships every Wednesday and Thursday to give him the willpower to overcome his drinking problem.
Omosh was even Promised Land and a house but thank God the lady that promised to build a three-bedroom house for him Linnet Kathambi of Sung Timber Construction Company, recently confirmed that the work is still in progress and soon they will hand over the key to him.

The house is currently being painted and once ready, everyone will get an opportunity to see it. The actor is appealing to Kenyans to fulfill the promise they made to him to help his family and reorganize his life after months of suffering.

This admission by Omosh has angered Kenyans who have told him to stop being lazy and look for something to do that will enable him to survive other than depend on well-wishers. They reminded him of the struggles Kenyans are going through and that he should be grateful for the help he was accorded because not everyone can get a second chance in life like him.

If acting is not working for him, he should join his wife and do business instead of crying live on TV. This is worrying for many of his fans because it seems that the actor has some work to do before he can get back on his feet and crying will not work this time around.

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