Eye Witness Reveals That the Kitengela Cousins Were Killed By People They Knew and Not Mob Justice

In another very heartbreaking incident that happened after the Kianjokoma brothers’ saga, two brothers and their cousins were brutally killed in Kitengela by irate villagers who allegedly thought they were cattle rustlers.

The brothers were Fred Mureithi and Victor Mwangi who were 30 and 25 years old respectively. Their cousins that were killed along with them were Mike George and Nicholas Musa who were 29 and 28 years old respectively as per the report from their family members.

The four gentlemen are said to have gone to attend a relative’s house warming party in Kitengela and also to celebrate Victor Mwangi’s 25th birthday. It was while they were there that they decided to have chicken for supper.

Since they had motorbikes, they decided to go to Kisaju to buy some ‘kienyeji’ chicken and that is when hell broke loose. On their way to Kisaju at around 6pm, they made a stop near a riverbank in Enkamulyat area which is more than ten kilometers from Kitengela Town.

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Some nosy residents saw the motorbikes packed near the riverbank and raised alarm because they thought they belonged to cattle rustlers. The young men were surrounded and mercilessly lynched despite begging for mercy and providing their tormentors with identification documents.

The sad thing is that the people that killed them knew them very well as per a statement made by one of the eye witnesses.

“One guy even fired a shot using his firearm to scare the crowd away but they were determined to kill the innocent young men,” said the guy that was quoted by the Nation.

All the four guys had spear injuries in their heads. Some of the people that participated in their killing were well known to them. But they proceeded to lynching them yet they were unharmed and never retaliated.

As if that was not enough, they burnt down their motorbikes and their identification documents. The single mother to the two brothers Fred and Victor was hospitalized after hearing the news of the death of her only children.

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