Esther Passaris Wows Kenyans With Photos Of Her Beautiful Mum

Esther Passaris Wows Kenyans With Photos Of Her Beautiful Mum

Esther Passaris is the current women representative of Nairobi county. She is a member of ODM.

The beautiful politician is one of the powerful women here in Kenya that every man dreams of having by their side.

Esther is still hot in her advanced years and Kenyan men wonder how she looked in her younger days.

She is 57 years of age but doesn’t look anywhere near that age.

If Esther Passaris’s beauty wows you, wait until you meet her mother. She was also a hot damsel in her younger days.

Esther Passaris Wows Kenyans With Photos Of Her Beautiful Mum

Passaris took to her official social media accounts to celebrate her.

She turned 77 years and she couldn’t hide her excitement to wish her the very best.

Before the end of the day, I’d want to pay tribute to my mother, Mary Wanjiku Joubert Passaris, who celebrates her 77th birthday today.

For being courageous and gorgeous at all ages, marrying her first love, and fostering a friendship that has stood the test of time.

Being prayerful and overcoming life’s challenges…

She would describe gratitude as the essence of her life “Make a rainy-day fund, no matter how small.

Work hard to purchase a home, and everything else will fall into place if you have trust rather than fear.”

She taught me that God responds to prayers in three ways: ‘Yes,’ ‘Yes, but not right now,’ or ‘No, I have something better for you.’

Mum, Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Esther was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya, to a Greek father and a Kenyan Kikuyu mother.

Passaris received her primary and secondary studies at the Aga Khan Academies.


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She enrolled in Strathmore Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

Strathmore University and the University of Navarra collaborated on a curriculum in December 2006.

She also holds a University of London Diploma in Law.

Passaris has a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration from USIU in Nairobi in October 2017.


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