Erick Omondi: Jackie Maribe Sarcastically Mocks And Shames Him For This

Erick Omondi has taken his comedy to a whole different level. His versatility is something young aspiring comedians should emulate.

Some of his comedy videos and shows are so controversial to an extent. He has sparked beef with some celebrities.

Andrew Kibe is one of the Kenyan influencers that has taken issue with some of his content, especially his dress code.

A section of Kenyans argues that Erick Omondi is trying so hard to make people laugh. He is losing his mojo as a top comedian.

The Wife Material show is one show that makes little sense anymore. That is why he has again hired the services of Eddie Butita to resuscitate the show.

Clout chaser Miss-p has been lately working with Erick. This is after a controversial moment with Willy Paul.

Miss-p is a talented lass thanks to the platform Willy Paul gave her to showcase her talent.

Her vocals are breathtaking, but she pushed all that down the drain when she lied that Willy Paul sexually abused her.

According to Miss-p, Willy Paul offered money to her mother to allow him to have her.

She sounded disturbed that her mother accepted monetary benefits to stop Miss-P from seeking legal redress.

That part was a blatant lie. She lost quite several fans.

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Erick took advantage of the clout she was getting because of a non-existent scandal with Willy Paul to drive his comedy shows online.

The comedian has recently confessed that he met with her in one of his shows and ended up in bed together.

According to Erick, that act has resulted in a pregnancy. Miss-P is now pregnant is, and he has promised to take care of her and the baby.

Erick Omondi posted this on his social media pages. Jackie Maribe sarcastically responded to his post.


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Erick Omondi: Jackie Maribe Scarstically Mocks And Shames Him For This

Jackie and Erick have a son and from her response, he is promising another lady to take care of her pregnancy when he could not take care of his son.

According to Jackie, Erick Omondi is a shameless dead beat father and a pretender.

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