End Of Times? Pastor Passionately Kisses Female Member In Church To Cast Out Demons (video)

Religion was brought to Africa by the missionaries for them to instill their culture and way of life to Africans. Africans had their Gods but the white missionaries were able to convince them that their God was the most superior one.

They used various methods to entice them to embrace their way of life and worshipping by giving them gifts like clothes and sweets.

It is with utter dismay we report that after Africans dumped their way of life and started worshipping the God that was introduced by the Whiteman, they have now fully embraced that and they are faithfully following those doctrines to the letter.

Contrary to our expectations, where these missionaries came from to spread the word of God is not worshipping at the levels we thought they do. For example in the UK and other European countries, only 20% of their population go to church and believe in God.

Because of how faithfully we follow the so-called men of God, we have surrendered our independent and critical thinking which has made us vulnerable to the lies we are being told by these men.

Of course, there is quite a number of them that are genuine men of God but others who are a majority are conmen and fraudsters that take advantage of the spiritual vulnerabilities of their congregants to make themselves rich.

Most pastors are nowadays very rich and live luxurious life to the expense of their poor church members who fund those lifestyles. They have realized how gullible Christians can be and they are utilizing that weakness to the highest level.

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They have ruined lives, businesses, and relationships because of their emotional blackmail. Pastors like  Nga’nga’a, Kanyari, prophet Owour, Reverend Lucy Natasha, and many others have mastered the art of using unscrupulous means to coerce their members to empty their accounts for fake miracles that are stage-managed.

Beyond Kenya, there is prophet Bushiri, the late TB Joshua, and many others. Kanyari was at one point arrested for conning his followers and he lost everything but am told he is back in the business again.

These people are not men of god, they are pretenders. Look at the rogue behavior of pastor Ng’anga’a. A man pretended that he was raised from the dead by another pastor from South Africa and there are so many cases of fake miracles in church.

When we thought that is all we have seen happen in our churches, another video has emerged showing a pastor passionately kissing a beautiful lady in front of his congregation in the church in the name of casting out demons in her.

That is stupidity of the highest order and Kenyans must wake up from that naivety. Click HERE to watch the video.

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