Dramatic Gospel Singer Ringtone Apoko Hires An Ambulance To Take Him To Court

Before Kenyans are not done internalizing any outrageous move from Ringtone Apoko, he surprises them with another one. The guy is simply full of drama.

It is just recently when he was involved in a minor altercation with controversial blogger Robert Alai in a case of road rage. The two public figures exchanged words after being involved in a minor accident.

Robert Alai got out of his car, a Subaru Outback with a ‘rungu’ and he hit the ‘Pamela’ hit maker with it. That is when hell broke loose. Ringtone made the most of the incident and decided to press charges.

Alai was then arrested but he was released on bail. Since that day, the self-proclaimed chairman of gospel music has been doing social media posts to inform Kenyans how he has spent millions to treat himself and repair his car, a multimillion Range Rover Sport.

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“I am having a very bad headache. If I die, just know it is Robert Alai that will have killed me because I was never sick,” wrote Ringtone on his social media accounts.

His case against Alai is set to be mentioned in court today. The guy decided to hire an ambulance in an effort to prove to Kenyans that all is not well with his health. He turned up in court dramatically lying inside the well-equipped ambulance.

Clearly the guy loves himself. He does not want to take chances with his life. In a video that has been shared by Nation Newspaper on Facebook, he is heard having a conversation in the Kisii language with one of his acquaintances as he tries to look like he is very sick.

Whether the guy is in pain or just pretending in order to attract attention is a story for another day. For a seriously injured man, the face won’t look that healthy. He is clearly wasting resources and time.

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