Dr. James Gakara Wife Emotional Tribute Moves Mourners To Tears

Dr. James Gakara Wife Emotional Tribute Moves Mourners To Tears

Dr.James Gakara and his two kids’ bodies brought before Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Milimani for a requiem mass.

In her glowing tribute to her husband, Winnie emotionally described her husband as a good listener and best partner.

Dr. James Gakara killed his two kids with high doses of insulin before ingesting a poison which pathologists are yet to unravel.

Gakara took that drastic decision following the fear that he will lose his wife and kids just it happened in his first marriage.

His of 8 years called Winnie Odhiambo had a secured a job abroad and was planning to leave him behind.

Winnie’s family has, however, disputed those claims, insisting that their daughter had no plans to travel abroad.

According to them, Winnie is pursuing further studies at JKUAT and she is being sponsored by her late husband.

Dr.James Gakara had a mental breakdown because of family issues, even though his wife and other relatives have ruled that out.

His postmortem results show he had ingested a poisonous substance.

The pathologist has taken toxicology samples to a government chemist to confirm the exact poison.


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They will lay the Obstetrician t0gether with his two children to rest at his home in Mbaruk, Gilgil sub-county today .

“He was selfless and supportive man. I got everything I would ask for.

Now I know it is not possible for anyone to live 1000 years, my heat bleeds, I’m completely shattered,” said Winnie .

Winnie discloses how she met her husband;

“I was a clinical officer intern, on my fourth day of maternity rotation in February 2014”.

“we (together with Gakara) examined a patient and agreed he needed an emergency Caesarian Section”.

“I was nervous and dropped several equipment. I thought he would shout at me”.

“However, he looked at me and in a soft voice told me not to worry. His words touched me,” she added.

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