Dp William Ruto confronts Hecklers In Laikipia, Demands Respect

Dp William Ruto confronts Hecklers In Laikipia, Demands Respect

Dp William Ruto is in Laikipia county for a series of rallies to popularise his UDA party and bottom up economic model.

Today he found some difficulties to address people in that area.

This is when sections of the crowd became agitated and started chanting Maina Njenga’s name.

The visibly angry Dp William Ruto lashed at the youths holding Maina Njenga’s portraits and demanded respect.

He angrily asked them to organize their rallies and market their candidate instead of disrupting his own rally.

“Hapana, Hapana, siwezi Kubali hiyo kwa mkutano yango, panga yenu mfanye hiyo upuzi huko”

DP William Ruto is looking to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta in the coming general elections in 2022.

He is banking is hopes of clinching the much coveted seat on Mt Kenya’s rich votes basket that boasts over 6 million votes.

But he is facing stiff competition from the former prime minister Raila Odinga.

The experienced politician enjoys support of the current president Uhuru Kenyatta.

DP Ruto’s Son Gets Engaged To A Mzungu Man

Dp Ruto’s son, Nick Ruto, sent shock waves yesterday when a video emerged online showing him in a private party.

He was engaged to his white boyfriend in the presence of their few invited friends.

Nobody knows the nature of their friendship but from the video,it is clearly an engagement ceremony.

This is a blow to his father, who has been holier than thou. He brags how he knows God than Raila and all Kenyans.

It is not common in men giving a gold chain to their men friends and then trying it on them as people applaud.

From the video doing rounds online, Nick Ruto remained cool throughout the ceremony but, of course, shy.

The intention of the video was to announce to the world that he is gay or a malicious friend wanted to damage his image.



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