‘Don’t Elect Thieves And Thugs Who Will Ruin My Legacy’, Uhuru Warns Kikuyus

Kikuyus are the majority in Kenya and the voter muscle is way higher than all communities in the country.

This explains why they have produced three presidents out of the four that Kenya has had since independence.

Uhuru Kenyatta now claims that the leaders Kikuyus elect in next year’s general elections will determine the fate of his legacy.

Kenyatta advised the people not to elect “thieves,” but to study potential leaders and choose peace loving leaders with integrity.
“I implore you not to be incited. Choose leaders who will keep this country calm and unified.

Those who will continue the work we’ve already begun rather than taking us back,” urged Kenyatta in Kikuyu.

“Please don’t let Mwai Kibaki’s and my ten years go to ruins by electing thugs and criminals,” he urged.

The Head of State addressed members of the public in Ruiru town, Kiambu County.

This is after presiding over the passing-out parade of Prisons Cadet Officers at the Prisons Staff Training College in Ruiru.

The President stated that his current focus is on peace and unity, which he believes are the foundations for the country’s prosperity.
“The time will come to play politics. But, for the time being, the most essential thing is that the country remains quiet.


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We must never witness political violence. What we want is to keep working on the development agenda so that we may achieve our goals.

Kenyatta, who is from Kiambu County, told the villagers that he believes the country will be at peace once he leaves office.

He hopes to be free from his busy schedule in office to tour the area and meet with the people.

“I’ll be there with you.” I know you, like me, don’t want to see violence. I know that when I retire, this is where I’ll return.

As the crowd erupted in enthusiasm, he added, “I would like to visit this region, engage with you.

Since I will not be busy, I can join you, buy chicken, or even have a beverage while we talk…”

Kenyatta stated that the country cannot advance if political violence occurs every five years.

“After every five years, we cannot have violence. I want peace and unite among Kikuyus and Kenyans.

I don’t want folks who are simply interested in making insults. We build everything on the foundation of peace.

Don’t take it for granted that this individual is this or that.

This country belongs to all of us. That’s why I reached out to my rivals and sat down with them, “Kenyatta stated.

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