DJ MOH Threatens To Crush Willy Paul After He Did This To Size8

Willy Paul is not new to controversy and he is not a pushover even when he seems to be in the wrong. It is however not easy to know when there is a real beef brewing in the entertainment industry because to them negative publicity sells better.

So the latest squabble between the Murayas and Willy Paul is not yet understood whether it is a real contagious issue or it is another ploy for the two camps to get Kenyans to pay attention to them before they release a new song.

It is however tricky for Willy Paul to work again with Size 8because the two now work on a different kind of music. While size8decided to ditch secular music for the gospel, Willy Paul did the opposite and he has been categorical that he doesn’t regret his decision and he is happier doing what he likes most.

Willy Paul has worked before with the ‘Mateke’ hitmaker and the song went viral but Size 8has been quite recently concentrating on wifely chores other than music and Willy Paul on the other hand is releasing hit after hit.

The whole beef started when Willy Paul wrote a message for Size 8 on social media questioning Size 8 why she has blocked him on all her official social media accounts and she never picks his calls for the last 4 years.

Willy Paul wanted to know why the lady she loves and calls her sister doesn’t want anything to do with him. He went ahead to mock her faith because according to him, women of God don’t behave like that.

Dj Mo came out with a short statement to threaten Willy Paul by telling him that he will crush him. He was perhaps warning Willy Paul to leave his family alone and keep his drama elsewhere. Willy Paul responded by telling him to mind his business because his message has nothing to do with him.

The singer went ahead to mock Dj Mo by telling him to go and ask for a job in the government if things are getting tough for him since he lost his job at NTV.

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