Didmus Barasa Busted Doing This With An Underage Girl At A Coffee Shop

Didmus Barasa is a divisive politician who jumps from one scandal to the next.They have accused him of being a con artist.

The vice president’s primary ally is the Kimilili member of parliament.

He punched an aspiring musician a few months back for refusing to establish more classrooms.

The musician won a tender for the construction of classrooms in Kimilili.

Didmus took use of his position to cheat the young man, and it is unclear whether he ever paid him back.

The young man took out a loan to finish the project, but instead of paying him, the MP led him around in circles.

A string of scandals is now associated with the first-term legislature.

We caught him on camera with an underage girl at a coffee shop in a video that has gone viral.

The girl was drinking from the same cup as the legislator, who seemed plainly uncomfortable.

We’re not sure if the female is his side cheek or his daughter because he’s married.

If he is having carnal knowledge with the girl, the authorities should arrest him.

They should bring a sexual defilement accusation against him in a court of law.


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Sexual defilement is a serious crime that can land someone in prison for up to twenty years.

Because teenage pregnancies lead to early school dropouts, officials are highly concerned about the lives of young schoolgirls.

These connections with adolescents lead to unwanted pregnancies, risky abortions, young moms, and suicidal inclinations.

We’ll keep sharing the footage until the authorities take up the case and investigate to determine who the girl in the video is.

We’re hoping she’s Didmus’s daughter, because if she isn’t, he’ll be in so much trouble this time that he won’t be able to escape.

Convicting Didmus Barasa will disgrace the deputy president because his opponents accuse him of keeping the wrong company.

They dragged his allies into cases of corruption and fraud.




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