Diana Marwa Bahati Mourning After Losing A Loved One

Diana Marwa Bahati is mourning again a few months after losing her grandmother. The family was in Migori county recently for her burial.

Before getting over the loss of their grandmother, another family member has died. Faith Varleen is a cousin to Diana Marwa.

It is more painful to lose a young, beautiful soul at such a tender age. Diana took to her official social media accounts to announce the sudden demise of her kin.

“Forever in my heart. I’m broken, I have no words. You have fought the good fight of Faith Varleen. Rest In Power Cuz”.

Many of her followers have posted a word of encouragement and to share their sympathy and thoughts with her during this difficult moment in her life.

Diana Marwa Bahati is the wife of musician Kevin Bahati. Diana is a mother of two kids and she has become a YouTube sensation.

Her YouTube channel has almost half a million subscribers which rake her thousands of views in a month.

The woman has grown with Bahati from when he was a rookie to now that he has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.


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Marriage is difficult, especially when it is with a public figure because of the scrutiny it comes with. Diana and her husband have stayed clear out of controversy.

She makes has been making business moves lately thanks to her social media presence. She has won endorsement deals with various brands.

Her chemistry and working relationship with her husband have made it easy for various companies to work with the duo because they know they will get back the value of their money.

The couple lives their best lives thanks to their hard work that is paying off. They are now driving their dream cars and they own a home.

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