Diana Bahati Dance Style Raises Eyebrows At Her Birthday Party

Diana Bahati turned 32 yesterday and her husband threw a bash for her.

Several musicians, close friends and family members attended her all white themed party.

In a video doing rounds online, Bahati seemed happy having a jig with his beautiful wife.

They were dancing to Ringtone’s tunes as he performed at the party.

Kenyans took issue with her dancing skills and style. She struggled to shake her stiff waist to twerk.

Kenyans wondered why she was twerking to a gospel song and rubbing her husband’s engine.

This is disrespectful to God and what Christianity stands for.

Diana Bahati's Dance Style Raises Eyebrows At Her Birthday Party

Diana Bahati's Dance Style Raises Eyebrows At Her Birthday Party

Their actions last night have cast doubt on their conviction to serve God because that was not godly.

People accepted the fact that Bahati dumped gospel for secular music to make more money, but dancing like that to a gospel song did not sit right.

Kenyans could not find proper gospel musicians. The few that do the true gospel music are few.

If they are there, they are not up for it. Tanzanians have taken over the Kenyan gospel industry.

This is because of a glaring gap in that sector. They have taken advantage and are capitalizing on the ready market available.

Kenyans consume a lot of content on YouTube. The number of views evidenced these top musicians like Diamond and Rayvanny get in Kenya.

More than half of the views Diamond gets comes from Kenya, which means Kenyans support pleasant music.

It is up for Kenyan gospel musicians to give us delightful music and the support will be definitely there.

They will not need to cross over to secular music to succeed.


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