Dennis Itumbi For The First Time Hints At The Top Government Officials That Assassinated George Saitoti

Dennis Itumbi is the topspin master of the deputy president. He was once a very powerful man working in the statehouse as the head of digital communications. He was later relieved of his duties for his unprofessional way of doing things.

Itumbi is now working with the deputy president with the hope of making a comeback as a statehouse spokesperson in government in 2022 if they form the next government.

The self-proclaimed spokesperson of the hustler nation runs a segment in his social media accounts called hustlers intelligence bureau whereby he uses his contacts in government to get classified information and intelligence reports.

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In today’s session, Itumbi informed his followers that he is set to give them crucial information regarding the strategies the operatives in the office of the president are willing to employ to stop William Ruto from ascending to presidency including the tactics they used to eliminate former vice president and minister for internal security, Professor George Saitoti.

George Saitoti died in a chopper crash at Ngong forest on his way to a fundraiser for a church in Ndhiwa constituency together with the area member of parliament and his assistant minister Orwa Ojode.

The cause of the crash has never been established and the detectives have never known if it was just an accident or foul play meant to eliminate him over unknown reasons.

Here is what Itumbi posted in his Facebook account;

The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) has information from a highly classified meeting hosted by Interior PS Karanja Kibicho at his Kirinyaga home over the Weekend.
The same character who told a La Mada Hotel meeting, that they would use all means to stop WR, including what happened to the late Saitoti, is busy at secret meetings again.
Update on the Stop Ruto Meeting coming up anytime before 5.08 pm.

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