Daring The Devil? Man Snatches Phone From A Traffic Police Officer And Speeds Off

Nairobi City is one of the most dangerous cities to live in . Due to high levels of unemployment, most youths have devised illegal means to survive in the city during these harsh economic times. Motorists have felt the wrath of these young criminals who have no fidelity for life. The things they do in public can only be termed as suicidal attempt.

How can you snatch a phone from a police officer? A video doing rounds online has shocked Kenyans after showing a group of 2 men on a motorbike who approached a police officer on a busy Nairobi city road controlling traffic. The police officer was captured in-camera talking to a phone when the two men snatched his phone and sped off with impunity.

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The police officer looked helpless as members of the public stared with disbelief at what they had just seen. This comes few days after another video had emerged online where a young man was captured on camera snatching a phone off a lady in a restaurant and people watched helplessly as he escaped into thin air.

Nairobi City is under the military but the crime rate keeps going up every day and everybody just fears for his life in the streets of Nairobi because you never know when the criminals strike. The Nairobi county commandant had announced that they had formed a small police unit that will deal with petty thieves in the city but it seems they are being overwhelmed by the magnitude of young men trying their hand in thuggery to survive in the city.

Above all that, what is more, baffling is the way people of Nairobi go about their business without even bothering to intervene when somebody is being attacked not knowing that tomorrow you might be the victim.

Minding your business is good but to end petty crimes people must come together to deal with these boys as it happens in other towns.

Click HERE to watch the video

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