Daring Armed Robbers Disarm A Police Officer Manning Equity Bank Stealing Unknown Amount Of Money

Equity Bank was today robbed in broad daylight when a police officer manning the Machakos branch was easily overwhelmed and disarmed by daring armed robbers who proceeded into the bank and made away with an unknown amount of money as customers and residents of Machakos town looked helpless.

The ease with what the police officer was disarmed looked like a movie. The robbers were more skillful than the police officer but one wonders if it is that easy or it was just to pretend to do something when indeed it was an inside job that was expertly executed without any injury incident.

There have been many cases of robbery in banks in Kenya but most of them have been successful because the robbers got tips from the senior staff of the bank. Most of them have ended with a sack and a jail term to serve.

The availability of guns in the country is worrying and business people are finding it difficult to do business in the city of Nairobi because armed robbers have made it routine to rob them during the day and that is putting the lives of them and that of their customers in great danger.

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The Government and the police department should double their efforts in curbing the rising levels of lawlessness and burglary that is happening in the streets of Nairobi and to a lesser extent other towns in the country.

Nairobi is quickly taking over Lagos as the most dangerous city to live in the world. In Lagos robbery with violence is not something out of the ordinary and they do so as other city dwellers get on with their business without bothering to intervene and try to help victims.

For this country to move forward and develop at the rate other European countries do, security should be paramount to ensure a safe working environment for everyone in that country.

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